How to buy an engagement ring

 Your partner has been dropping hints that no other ring will do?

And now you're ready to make the all important purchase and pop the big question?

BUT, you need the ring, and we're not taking on bespoke requests, and you don't know how to get one...

Don't worry, here's how:

So, Tessa isn't taking on individual bespoke requests, but that doesn't mean that you cannot get the dream ring. In fact it's making this decision that means you CAN get the dream ring as Tessa can now make more of her incredible one-off pieces for you to choose from. 

Firstly, you're going to need the ring size. We've written a handy page of helpful tips to guide you through this HERE.

Next, have a think about your budget, for the one-off pieces (the ones that your partner has probably been lusting after on Instagram) these start around £2000 depending on the stone and style. The collection rings which start at £65 are available from the website. 

How much should you spend on an engagement ring? There is no answer to this question, and it doesn't really matter. An engagement ring is a symbol of your wanting to spend your life with someone, it can be literally anything (everyone knows the classic Haribo ring proposal) so just think about what they would want and what suits your circumstances. 

Now, Tessa's new, incredible, one-off creations are available exclusive to the Early Bird list first, before anyone else sees them (and crucially, before Instagram so no spoilers!) you'll want to get on the list and be ready for when the next release drops. Early Bird sign up and the next release info is HERE. We release the selections about e very 2/3months and we will email the date and time to the list ahead of the exclusive release.

You can see what we have already available here or in person by booking an appointment at our London workshop via the homepage. 

Easy peasy! It can be daunting but we're here to help. Pop us an email if you have any questions.