Bespoke Request

To get a one of Tessa's incredible bespoke creations sign up to the Early Birds list below. She is currently exploring new ideas,  experimenting with different techniques and dreaming up fantastical beasts around jewels from her personal collection. These will be available exclusively to this list first.
Sign up here:
Due to an overwhelming demand for bespoke pieces we have made the decision to close bespoke requests at this time. Choosing between the personal stories and emotionally charged requests simply became impossible and started to take a toll on Tessa. We have taken a break so she can focus on her own creative direction at this time. Thank you for your understanding. 
However, if you are looking for a piece with a specific stone, for a special ring, perhaps an engagement ring? And you know what it has to be, you can send a request below and we can see if we might have something that fits. 
You must include the following:
STONE/COLOUR use our stones page as a guide if needed. 
Ideal STYLE of ring. This will help us gauge the size of stone that you are after.
BUDGET The best way to do this is in a range from the ideal amount you would like to spend up to the top end you could go to at a push. We will not suggest anything outside of the range you give us. The starting price for these pieces is £2000. 
RING SIZE we cannot help you without this. Guide to help find out here.
We will take a look at the request and see if we have a ring, stone or design that might suit your needs.