Bespoke Request

We cannot make every piece requested, please read the following carefully
Tessa is changing the way she works on bespoke pieces to allow her more freedom to push her designs further, experiment with different techniques and to create without limits. This is something she has been looking forward to as she has lots of ideas she is dying to explore. As these new one-off pieces are finished they will become available to purchase with a sneak preview to the EARLY BIRDS list for first refusal before being posted on the website or any social media, (no spoilers if you're looking for a surprise or an engagement ring). This is the way Tessa would ideally like to work going forward, it gives her complete creative freedom to design, select the best stones from her personal collection and push her work forward exploring new concepts and personal ideas.
To get on the preview list please sign up here:
"Thank you for the continued support of my creations to allow me to work in this way, its honestly my dream come true and I couldn't do it without your support" TM
If you have a specific idea in mind, a sentimental  family heirloom that you'd like remodelling or your own concept for a project that you'd like to discuss you can send us a request below. Bespoke pieces are designed and handmade for each client by Tessa personally. Due to the popular demand of bespoke pieces and the time it takes to hand make each one, not all projects will be taken on. Please bear this in mind to avoid disappointment.
If you have an idea for a bespoke piece that you'd like made please contact us below. We will look over your request and get back to you within two weeks. If taken forward for consideration we will provide you with more information about the process and may ask you a few more questions. Every bespoke piece is different and will be assessed on an individual basis. Bespoke pieces start at £2000. 
Please include the following:
IDEA for the piece. Is it an engagement ring, an heirloom you want redesigning or a story behind the piece?
Is there a FAVOURITE piece that you/they love? Use the name of the piece/pieces from the bespoke page.
STONE or COLOUR preferences if you have one.
Use our STONES page as a guide if needed. 
DEADLINE if you do have one. We will not rush the process so projects with tight deadlines may be turned down. 
BUDGET The best way to do this is in a range from the ideal amount you would like to spend, up to the top end you would be willing to go up to. 
We look forward to hearing what you have in mind