The Schedule

A lot of you have been asking when we're bringing back certain pieces from the collection so, full disclosure, here's the run up to Christmas plan we have so far. 

We know you all want more LOVE HEART RINGS. We are currently cutting as many heart shaped stones as we can and making the rings in batches to launch one by one. Each launch will be announced on the website homepage as we set the dates.

Next up is: ROSE QUARTZ LOVE HEART RING silver gold nails and all silver LAUNCH DATE: SUNDAY 24TH of OCT 4pm BST

After that: PALE AMETHYST LOVE HEART RING silver gold nails and all silver LAUNCH DATE: SUNDAY 7TH of NOV 4pm GMT

And after that: CITRINE LOVE HEART RING silver gold nails LAUNCH DATE TBA

Then the smokey quartz and those long awaited oynx too. Synthetic ruby and green quartz we have already done but we'll set the last few stones we have and add them just before Christmas.

Limited Edition GARNET SINGLE CLAW WITH A MINI RING will be joining the party for Christmas, once we've finished and photographed them we'll update with a date. 

We're working on a few new SWEETHEARTS in a beautiful soft pink morganite heart and a few in green sapphire too. Very limited stock of these. Will announce on the homepage as soon at they're ready!

Tessa has been been working hard to totally redesign our old friend the PIGEON GRASP!! she's been away for a while, but she'll be back with a vengeance! This launch is a big one and will be announced on Instagram, you won't miss it. Stay tuned for an exact launch date.

PEARL OF LONDONS we've finally managed to get some more pearls in! Due to covid we haven't been able to source them for a while but we just had four fresh strings of the finest Akoyas arrive so Tessa will start setting them soon. The larger sizes will be in the next drop, had an issue with the master so didn't go above a Q for the last one but we've fixed it now.

DEBORAH is on her way back too! 

I want to make more TEARDROP RINGS but this will probably be next year now, just not enough time to do everything at once. The CLAWS OF ENGAGEMENT is not being remastered at the moment, perhaps in the future, but not right now. 

Clear as mud? Well I hope that helps a bit! As always use the NOTIFY ME button on the piece/pieces you love for an email update as soon as they're back in stock and I'll be announcing return dates on the homepage as soon as I know them. 

Thanks for all your support!! 

Tessa and the Pigeon Team xx