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Job Description:

Needs to be flexible to work around our launch schedules to provide extra help packaging up orders at our very busy times when needed. Available to work from our London premises, first floor.

The role is responsible for lovingly packaging up our jewellery ready to ship to our clients and efficiently processing the orders through the website quality controlling as they go. This position is suitable for someone with a keen eye for detail, that is meticulous, methodical and takes pride in their work. Needs to be available able to work sporadic days to help us out at busy times.

Summary of the role:


Nice neat handwriting
Able to tie a pretty bow quickly with a ribbon
Efficient, organised and practical with a packaging system
Quality control and communication skills
Ecommerce literate, entering tracking references accurately (we use Shopify)


We are a small company and manage almost everything in house between our team. This means that any transferable skills can be very useful. Please mention anything else you think you might bring to the team, for example: 

Extra skills: 

Photoshop/Illustrator experience
Website building/maintenance/SEO/Shopify
Gemology knowledge 
Packaging design



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