How to Apply


Part-time - Free-lance

Hourly wage - Includes holiday and sick pay!!

Deadline for applications is 8pm Monday the 28th of February.


This application process is designed to be blind in order to eliminate any unconscious bias, not to be swayed by glossy cv's or distracted by flattering cover letters. We just want the best person for the job.

Applications will first be judged blind on the skill task 'part A'. The successful applicants will then be judged on the written 'part B' task. All applicants will be notified if they have been successful or not before we move on to the interview stage. 

You may attach CVs/covering letters to your applications but these will only be viewed after the first selection is made. Please carefully follow the instructions below and only send one email per application. Inability to follow these instructions may result in an unsuccessful application. 

Application 'part A' : 

  1. Handwriting: Choose your favourite pen and write an address of your choice on a piece of paper (the way you would address a parcel). You may use our address: Tessa Metcalfe, 6 Laystall Street, London, EC1R 4PA. Or any address of your choice. We are looking for nice, neat, legible handwriting with a little personality. Nothing that takes a long time. 
  2. Bows: Choose a piece of ribbon and tie a pretty bow around something to show us your bow tying skills please. 

Take a photo of both and attach to your application email. 

Application 'part B' : 

  1. An important part of this job is being able to work flexible hours around our launch schedule. Sometimes we are very busy and need all hands on deck, sometimes we have quiet periods. Please explain how this flexible working suits your lifestyle/other interests/jobs 
  2. (Vacancy 1 applicants only) To give us an idea about your approach to assisting our clients: please explain what three things you think are important when helping a client choose a special piece of jewellery. 
  3. (Vacancy 1 applicants only) To show us how you talk, think and enjoy jewellery, please tell is which is your favourite piece of jewellery from our collection and why? 
  4. We are a small business and as such face lots of unexpected challenges. Do you you have any extra skills that you think might be useful?

    Email applications to: 

    Subject line: Job application - Vacancy 1 / 2 (delete as appropriate)

    One email per application!!


    * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

    Thank you for your interest in the position!! I know there's a lot of great people out there and we are excited to welcome some fresh blood to the team. 

    Tessa xx